The battle is commemorated and interpretted today by Kings Mountain National Military Park. The two-week campaign that 
ended at the battle is commemorated and interpreted along the 330-mile Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail.

The men who fought at King's Mountain were experienced fighters. In addition to the story of the campaign and the battle, Before They Were Heroes at King's Mountain tells the story of the six years before the battle when these men were fighting Shawnee along the Ohio River, Scots Tories along the Cape Fear River, campaigning against the Cherokees in '76 and the Chickamaugas in '79. The fearsome reputation of the "shirtmen" had grown at the Great Bridge. They demonstrated their skills against the Loyalists at Ramsour's Mill. Some of the men patrolled the Carolina and Virginia countryside, chasing bands of Tories, whipping some and hanging others.

But this remarkable and celebrated battelfield victory was not an isolated event. It took place in the sixth year of the American Revolution when the British were marching north from Charlestown, executing with skill their Southern Strategy. General Lord Charles, Earl Cornwallis was advancing unabated through South Carolina. The Southern Department of the Continental Army had been twice defeated in three months. No army stood in the way of Cornwallis's advance. This "ghost legion" of backwoods militiamen, which appeard unexpectedly and seemingly from nowhere turned the tide toward victory. After the victory at King's Mountain, the war ended just 12 months and 12 days later. The victory by the mountaineers and the Patriot militia had sparked a spirit of resistance that had begun to wane in some parts of the country.

Before They Were Heroes at King's Mountain tells an exciting and memorable story of the American Revolution in the South by putting the story on the landscape, taking the reader to scores of sites across the region where these events are commemorated. 

The book is offered in the full edition and three regional editions. 

The Battle of Kings Mountain, fought October 7, 1780 was a turning point in the War for American Independence. Patriot militiamen from the Overmountain region of North Carolina and Virginia marched over the Appalachian Mountains and joined with militia from the Yadkin River valley and the Carolina backcountry to track down, surround, and defeat Scottish Major Patrick Ferguson and his army of American Loyalists. This was a fiercely fought contest of Americans against Americans in which the horse and rifle played prominent roles. These were militia; no man or officer there was from the Continental Army. 
Full edition, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 
622 pp (all sites)  $33.95

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North Carolina/Tennessee edition, (green & orange sites)  $23.50

South Carolina/Georgia edition, (violet and orange sites)  $19.95
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