Relive America's exciting frontier history. 
Follow in the footsteps of America's pioneer hero, 
Daniel Boone.
Market hunter, frontier guide, wilderness scout, master woodsman, expert marksman, Indian fighter, militia leader, surveyor, land speculator, judge, sheriff, coroner, elected legislator, merchant, tavern keeper, prisoner of war, Spanish syndic, husband, father--Daniel Boone led one of the fullest and most eventful lives in American history. 

Encompassing 85 sites stretched across 11 states, In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone takes readers to the places where Boone lived, hunted, fought, and dreamed of the next frontier.

You'll find the sites where two of Boone's sons were killed by Indians, where he rescued his kidnapped daughter from Shawnee captors, where his brother was slain by Indians who mistook him for Boone, where he tricked a British governor, and where he was court-martialed on charges of treason. 

In David, KY, you'll visit the hollow where Daniel Boone saw his first buffalo.

At Fort Boonesborough State Park (near Lexington, KY), you'll learn how this courage and cunning defeated a Shawnee siege.

At Cumberland Gap (at the KY-VA-TN line), you'll walk Boone's Trace and Wilderness Trail, by which a quarter-million settlers entered Kentucky.

And in Pennsylvania and Missouri, you'll see the homes where he was born into and departed this world--a thousand miles, 86 years, and a legendary life apart. 
In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone takes the reader to 85 sites spread across 11 states where markers, monuments, plaques, historic homes, replica forts, and more commemorate episodes and adventures from the life of America's pioneer hero. It knits these stories together into a full biography covering the full sweep of Boone's adventurous and remarkable life from 1734 to 1820. 
Companion DVD: 
On the Trail of Daniel Boone
Answers to "Do I Know Daniel?" Quiz:

Answer # 1
All these stories are true tales from Daniel Boone’s childhood. Friends and family recounted these stories years later after Daniel Boone became famous. 

Answer # 2
The answer is: "None are true."

Daniel Boone, we are told, was 5’ 9” and weighed 175 lbs. most of this life. He had an athletic build with broad shoulders and sinewy muscles, but he was not exceptional in size.  

Daniel “loathed” the coonskin cap and considered it impractical. Daniel never wore one, though 19th century illustrators chose to put one on his head.

Cherokees called Daniel Boone “wide mouth” because of his grin. Daniel was friendly and personable and often used his disarming manner to appease those Indians who captured him hunting on their lands. Boone preferred having company on his long hunts and seldom went out alone.  

In 1775, Daniel Boone marked a route known as Boone’s Trace from today’s Kingsport, Tennessee through the Cumberland Gap and onto what became Fort Boonesborough. For 20 years, this was a narrow, winding trail only wide enough for packhorses following in single file. In 1795, the Commonwealth of Kentucky began to build a wagon road following in places the general route of Boone’s Trace. The later route became known as the Wilderness Road. 

Daniel Boone was 52 years old when David Crockett was born in 1786. They were two generations apart. Although their lives overlapped, they never met and Daniel Boone was not at The Alamo. During Crockett's state and national political career from 1821 to 1835, he wanted voters to think of him as "the new Daniel Boone" especially when he was campaigning to be nominated as president of the United States. (See In the Footsteps of Davy Crockett on this web site.)

Answer # 3

The answer is "no one knows for sure."

Daniel Boone died in Missouri in 1820 a few weeks shy of his 86th birthday. He was buried in Missouri near his wife, Rebecca, who died in 1813. Twenty-five years later, Kentuckians came to move the bodies to Frankfort and put them in a new cemetery overlooking the Kentucky River. A beautiful monument was later erected over the graves. However, it remains uncertain today if the Kentuckians exhumed the correct graves in 1845. No one knows for certain whether Daniel Boone is buried in Missouri or Kentucky. After reading the facts, you are invited to reach your own conclusions. 

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