In the hills of East Tennessee, visit the site of Crockett's birth on the banks of the Nolichucky River, not "on a mountain top"; and, walk through a replica of the tavern where he lived as a boy and from which he ran away at age 13. See in Baltimore where this runaway lad tried to hire on as a cabin boy for passage to London. See in Knoxville his first rifle which he traded for a "courting horse." In the courthouse museum in Dandridge, see the marriage license he secured to marry Polly Finley on August 14, 1806, two hundred years ago. (Remarkably, David and Polly were wed on the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan, married August 14, 1756.)

Follow David Crockett across Alabama hunting for game to feed a starving army during the Creek War. See the sites where both settlers and Creeks were massacred in this sub-conflict of the War of 1812. Visit the game-rich land around Reelfoot Lake (then formed only 15 years earlier by the New Madrid Earthquake) where he killed 105 bears in one season. Stand along the banks of the Mississippi River in Memphis and imagine Crockett coming ashore, cold and completely naked, having barely survived a flat boat calamity. Visit the sites in several states and Washington City where he campaigned for office and served as a Congressman, railing against the actions of President Andrew Jackson and enjoying his own growing national celebrity.

See where Crockett departed the United States as he had promised and crossed into Texas after losing his seat in Congress. Stand where he signed the Oath of Allegiance to fight for Texas freedom. Experience the final hours of desperate fighting at the Alamo that immortalized this man from Tennessee and elevated him to status as an American folk hero.

In the Footsteps of Davy Crockett 
tells the life story and true adventures of America's favorite frontier hero by taking readers to 49 sites spread across 10 states plus the District of Columbia where the life of David Crockett (never Davy) is commemorated. Bear hunter, scout, volunteer soldier, militia leader, state representative, U.S. Congressman, presidential hopeful, author, farmer, entrepreneur, son, husband, father, and martyr to Texas freedom--David Crockett led one of the most exciting and colorful lives in American history.

Explore and experience the adventures of David Crockett's life in 49 sites spread across 10 states and the District of Columbia.